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Hundreds of US Post Office Jobs Available – You Should Apply

It is a fact that people do not go after where seats and opportunities are less, and the applicants are in large numbers. According to business studies, United States Postal Services is one of those services where people die to join it at any cost. It is because there are hundreds of post office jobs available throughout the year, and applicants are in fewer numbers due to unawareness of benefits of joining this service.

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The USPS is an equal opportunity employer

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Therefore, you should know that there are many careers available for which you should apply. We will make sure to give you a job according to your interest and eligibility criteria. You will find below requirements for USPS jobs but before that let’s look at available positions below:

City Carrier Assistant

Market competitive pay with enormous facilities will be given right after joining as a city carrier assistant. You will be responsible for delivering and collecting mails of the specific given area of the city.

Mail Handler Assistant

Before and after a mail is sorted and processed, the mail handler is responsible for moving, loading, and unloading postal items. At entry-level, this job requires more physical activities. It is a full-time position.

Rural Carrier Associate

Similar to city carriers, some carriers work in remote areas such as rural routes. They also get the best salary, along with several benefits. They work the same as city carriers; they also collect and deliver mails in rural areas.

Automotive Mechanic

USPS jobs are also for technical persons. Persons who have done mechanical engineering and know how to maintain and repair vehicles can also seek USPS employment. An automotive mechanic will be responsible for repairing and maintaining the vehicles used for postal operations.


Among all post office jobs, this is a physically demanding position because the custodian is the only person who checks and maintains the clearing of office ground and complete building.

If you are willing to join postal services, you should first check your eligibility. Check below specific eligibility requirements to appear for the US Postal Service exam.

Once you have fulfilled basic requirements, now you can quickly process your application for post office jobs. Follow the easy process below:

  1. Gather all the eligibility documents
  2. Submit application at Postal Worker Jobs Portal
  3. Complete screening test
  4. Give Specific position test (written for administrative, physical for mail carriers and handlers)

USPS Service is one of the excellent workplaces where an individual can showcase their skills and get motivated. It is a place where you can develop your career with many benefits that can make your life easier. Therefore, you should join Postal Services without taking any further thinking. If you are still not motivated, then read below factors:


You can earn the right amount monthly anywhere, but the benefits USPS is giving, you will only get somewhere. Benefits include:

  • Sick and vacation leave
  • Retirement fund and many thrift saving plans
  • Higher Education plans
  • Health and life insurance programs

Training occurs at the offices for career development and gaining the latest skills which are in high demand.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a post office employee, you will be prone to work diversity in different areas of operations. You will get a chance to meet different mindsets of people in the locality. This diversity will groom your skills and provide you an opportunity to rise high.

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