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Are you the one, trying to start your USPS career? You are definitely at the right platform. We have answered all the queries for you that will help you to pursue this career with ease.

No, we assist you to get USPS jobs throughout the whole hiring process as an independent organization.

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement to have a green card because when you will apply for US Postal jobs, you will need to provide a green card number.

There are some requirements for the USPS jobs, however, there are very less as compared to the requirements of other departments. To make yourself eligible for USPS employment, you must be 18 or older and have a US citizenship or a green card which gives you a work permit in the country. These are basic requirements which you must meet to apply for US Postal service. For more details, you should contact us.

US Postal jobs services have made the whole process online from the process of application to the final exam. You can submit your application online for USPS jobs. You will find some technical requirements which need to be filled correctly. If you fail to fill the application form correctly, you can be removed from the hiring process list. For this, Postal Worker Job always assist USPS job candidates in filling application forms correctly.

Yes, it is your right to claim your refund if you do not pass the exam. We also have a refund policy according to which we refund you. You can read our refund policy for further clarification.

First of all, if you are not using our services then you will need to stay updated by yourself by checking the website regularly. Also, when you apply for USPS careers, you will get confirmation email via email in which every detail of the exam will be mentioned including data and venue of the test. But if you are registered with the Postal Worker Job, then you will be updated every time with all necessary information including date of exam.

Yes absolutely, you can appear for multiple positions. Once you pass the postal entrance exam, you can apply for various available USPS jobs.

It takes around two months or more from the date of application till the joining US Postal jobs. Let’s look at the below steps:

  1. Create an account of USPS website portal T
  2. Take USPS exam
  3. After passing the exam, you would need to apply for opened positions.
  4. You will get a conditional job offer.
  5. After that, you will get an email containing some paperwork requirements and identity confirmation through fingerprint.
  6. Will receive a welcome letter/joining letter from USPS in the email.
  7. You are now ready to service US Postal Services

You just need to work for 8 hours in a day, sometimes it takes 9 hours. Your working area will be within 50 miles from the office.

Yes, you will need to talk and write in English. If you do not speak good English then you can take help from your colleagues for some time until you get command over it.

Yes, once you join USPS jobs and serve for some time then you can move from a lower position to a higher position. Also, you will get USPS pay according to pay scale which will be much higher than the last position. It depends upon your performance and qualification throughout your service.

Yes, you get paid leaves if you are joining Postal Services. You will get paid annual, sick and holiday leaves.

Usually, three highest scorers are called for an interview but one from them will get a job for each position.

You will find four sections on the exam test. Each section will be divided into two parts. These sections include:

  1. Address confirmation
  2. Form filling
  3. Memory/Coding
  4. Inventory Experience and Personal Characteristics.
  • Address Confirmation – 60 Questions – 11 Minutes
  • Form filling – 30 Questions – 15 Minutes
  • Memory – 36 Questions – 7 Minutes
  • Coding – 36 Questions – 6 Minutes
  • Inventory Experience and Personal Characteristics – 236 Questions – 90 Minutes

Yes, you can retake the USPS jobs exam after 120 days since your last appearance.

USPS salary varies with the position and experience, however, it starts with around $29 per hour.

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