On average, starting pay of an entry-level
employee is $21/h with benefits.

Pursue USPS Career And Avail Handsome Pay

In any department or institute, job security matters more than pay or benefits. US Postal Service employees come under a federal government which means their job security level is very high. Along with job security, postal workers get high pay as other departments of government. Moreover, USPS has very strict employee retention laws and it is influenced highly by US civil and labour laws. Therefore, it is good to join USPS careers to make the future secure and bright.

Starting USPS Salary For Postal Worker Job

Postal workers get high pay and according to the stats given by U.S. Bureau OF Labor Statistics, the top-level employees get around $52,070 annual pay which is a market competitive salary. However, low-level employees are not less because they also earn around $40,320 annually.

Moreover, it is just a salary which postal workers get for normal official hours. They earn more by doing overtime in holiday seasons for a greater hourly rate than normal. Hence, to make a good earning and make life comfortable, USPS careers is the best choice.

USPS Pay Scale And Salary

USPS hires all types of employees including permanent, temporary, full time and part-time workers. Therefore, USPS salary depends upon different factors such as experience, job status, position in the department and educational qualification. However, mostly the USPS has full-time postal workers. So, if you think you are fit to join US postal services then apply now for USPS careers.

According to the latest revised hourly pay rates schedule in February 2020, grade 3 employees would get 29.27$ per hour wage while the grade 11 officers would be able to earn 36.44$ per hour. This is an hourly rate for full-time workers while other postal works would get below this rate. For detailed rates of Postal worker jobs, check below table:


Postal Job Benefit And Compensation

USPS careers are amongst highly paid jobs throughout the government sectors of the US. According to last year stats, the postal worker made an average over $51780. These are only stats of just a salary while the benefits and other compensations are not included in these numbers.

With USPS jobs you get benefits after some probation period and the benefits vary from lower to higher grade workers according to the USPS pay scale. Let’s look at the benefits of USPS careers. For further details, you can contact us for any query related to Postal Services.

Health Insurance

The US Postal Service gives health insurance benefits to postal workers by participating in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. In the Health benefit, there are many available plans which cover most of the health cost and most of it is paid by postal service.

Long-Term Care Insurance

The employees of postal service can also avail this benefit by enrolling themselves in the Federal Long-term Care Insurance Program. It offers a long-term care solution which is not usually covered by health insurance.


This benefit depends upon how old you are and how many years you have served to USPS jobs. Retirement benefit gives employees a defined amount of retirement.


The postal service offers the best leave plan for its employees. The leaves include annual and sick leaves. For the first three years – 13 days leave and it increases to 20 days after three years of work. After 15 years of service, it reaches 26 days per year. Apart from them, USPS also observes 10 days holidays leave each year.

Enjoy Better Pay And Benefits With USPS Careers

Yes, it is a fact that benefits along with a pay give satisfaction at a workplace. According to the Zoro stats, 72% of employees consider benefits as a reason for job satisfaction. USPS has always worked on the benefits and therefore participates in federal programs to give benefit to its workers.

If you have any questions related to USPS careers then we are always here for you.

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