Refund Policy

The deposit for the materials and live support provided at this site by US Job Services is refundable and ensured.

US Job Services assists candidates to perform better, so they are more likely to get employed by the USPS.

You are ensured with a full refund if 

  1. You did not pass all of the four virtual tests provided for entry-level posts or
  2. You are not considered for an employment opportunity within 30 days of the interview.

Refund is guaranteed within two days of confirmation of the case.

For the individuals who don’t pass the tests, a duplicate copy of the test score must be provided.

For the individuals who are not considered for an employment opportunity after the interview, a duplicate copy of the invitation letter for interview must be provided with an official stamp on it.

Our program of assistance, training and live support is intended to help candidates with getting recruited and start their postal careers in short-time

For more information on our program, refer to the Terms and Conditions on our website.

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