Terms & Conditions

The USPS provides an equal employment opportunity and bases its employing are the merit and performance of the candidates in the recruitment process.

US Job Services gives direction, instructing and live support to candidates to assist them with performing better by every means.

Neither the USPS nor US Job Services can ensure the work of any candidate, or the accessibility of a particular activity, in any region, at some random point. US Job Services isn’t associated with the USPS.

US Job Services assists applicants with performing better in every aspect, so their chances of getting employed by the USPS increases.

In the past, over 90% of candidates who registered for our support program; they pass the test in the first attempt.

To register a refundable deposit is required. This program is ensured. There are two conditions whereupon candidates get refunds.

  1. Registration charges are refunded if the candidate fails each of the four virtual tests given for entry-level posts.
  2. Registration charges are refunded if the candidate isn’t considered for an employment opportunity within 30 days of the interview.

Our program of assistance, training and live support is intended to help candidates with getting employed and start their postal careers in a short time.

For more information on our program, refer to the Terms and Conditions on our website.

At the point when you secure your deposit with your debit/credit cards, you are concurring that you comprehend with our Terms and Conditions and our Guaranteed Refund Policy.

We use the most recent and secure technologies, like 3DS with Visa and MasterCard, which will prevent the customer from unnecessarily questioning an exchange with their bank or card guarantor, and cultivates a more intelligent and helpful methodology for resolve problems among customers and our live support operators.

If you have any inquiries or concerns, live support operators are available on telephones or on live chat to help you from Monday to Friday 9 AM to 9 PM.

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