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No experience is required, and all postal hiring decisions are based on merit and how well you compete in this post office hiring process, not how well you have done in the past.

USPS Jobs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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If you are the one who has recently completed high school or has done the diploma and is looking for an entry-level job, the US postal worker jobs are the perfect answer to all your hardships. We offer various US postal jobs to the recently passed out students.

For those who are interested in starting their USPS career, this is the perfect platform. We are providing a variety of postal worker jobs to the beginners. There is no need to worry about your professional career. Joining hands with us will give you a chance to grow and attain huge success. You may contact us at any time if you need any further assistance regarding the postal worker job requirements.

The US postal service was started back in 1775 with a mission to serve the nation and to connect them. We aim to utilize technology for the betterment of our services so that we can provide safe and secure services. Our mission is to serve as a source of communication for the whole American nation.

USPS has the vast infrastructure and access to 160 million residences. With over 34,000 plus retail locations, 630,000 employees, and a huge computer network, USPS is amongst the most prominent services in America. Our goals are to,

  • Adopt technology as fast as possible for valuable delivery
  • Provide an outstanding customer experience
  • Empower our employees with post office jobs
  • Take substantial interests in future platforms

To achieve our goals and accomplish our mission, we need your support. We are looking for beginners interested in USPS careers. We are hiring, and we are open to your applications for different US postal jobs. Do not miss this opportunity and get USPS jobs today.

At the US postal service, you not only get a chance to financially develop your career by having good pay, but you are also awarded several other benefits. Post office jobs provide you with an opportunity to avail of valuable advantages.

  1. You get health benefits and life insurance with FELTC, FEDVIP, FSAFEDS.
  2. The employee is eligible for The Federal Employees’ Group Insurance Program for the employees and their families with basic coverage.
  3. You can enjoy up to 10 paid leaves.
  4. During the first three years of service, you get 13 vacation days which increases to 20 days when you are serving from three to 15 years. After 15 years of service, these vacation days are extended to 26.
  5. Also, you have 13 sick leaves from the time you start your US postal job. During your USPS jobs tenure, you can carry forward these sick leaves year to year and can avail them at the time of retirement.
  6. At the time of retirement from post office jobs, you are awarded a fixed annuity, defined contribution 401K THRIFT Savings Plan, and a social Security. Multiple options are available on how you benefit from the retirement program. It depends upon your interest.

Join the US postal service today to avail of all the described above perks.

Starting a USPS career means serving your nation in different ways. If you are an American national with an age of 18 or above, you are eligible for US postal jobs. What if you are not 18? Do not worry, if you have a high school diploma with an age of 16, you can still apply for the US postal service jobs. We are looking for talented beginners to fill out USPS employment slots. Have a look at the career choices you get with the US postal service:

  • For post office jobs in our Delivery and Operations department, we have several openings including, Automotive Mechanic, Automotive Technician, City Carrier, and its Assistant, Custodian, Mail Handler Assistant, Rural Carrier, and its Associate, and a Tractor Trailer Operator. These are all responsible for handling the shipment process throughout the country.
  • Our Corporate Sector provides you with a chance with outstanding career growth in the field of Business, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and Human Resources. Along with that, it improves your Management and Administrative Skills.
  • For Students and Undergraduates, we have multiple programs like Intern Program, Development Program, CFO, and Engineering Program.
  • We also have a Transitioning Military Jobs for military members and veterans.

This is the high time to grab the US postal jobs as we are hiring now. We are providing you with a chance to boost your professional USPS career. By joining hands with the US postal service, you will not only get a chance to acquire a post with USPS jobs, but you will also enjoy multiple benefits during your job period and at the time of retirement.

All you need to do is to apply now for a postal worker job and reserve your spot for one of the best employment opportunities in the United States of America. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Did You Know about USPS jobs?

Due to an increase in demand for entry-level workers. USPS joined hands with Amazon for Sunday delivery

After years of hard work, careers employees are making a fruitful income.

Full federal benefits and a retirement plan for our career employees.

On average, the postal worker makes over $72,000 per anum, including benefits.

In less than three weeks, the USPS career could be yours!

Veterans and reservists are awarded a preference benefit award in the selection process.

The USPS is the largest employers in America with over 500,000 workers.

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It is our deep understanding of post office worker jobs, knowledge, and expertise in the hiring process that makes us the nation’s best USPS hiring assistance program.

Without our help, applicants have a 20% chance of success. With our assistance, your chance of success increases to 90%, and it’s guaranteed.

Plus, you will have live agents to guide you step by step through the application, testing, and interview process.

We are here every step of the way to help you get hired.


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